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Gingerbread DIY Kits

Gingerbread DIY Kits

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Celebrate the holidays with a fun, DIY gingerbread house kit! Featuring pre-made gingerbread pieces and everything else you need to make your own festive house, it's easy to create something special. Perfect for family projects and spreading the joy this season!

Unfinished Gingerbread house and people kits. Houses are approximately 9 1/2 inches tall and wide. Finish yourself with acrylic paint. Use super glue to glue together quickly or regular glue but dries slower. Note: these are flat pieces that stand up with a stand at the bottom, these are not 3 dimensional.

Each kit comes with one house and an assortment of pieces to decorate it, and 2 gingerbread people, one boy and one girl with an assortment of pieces to decorate them. Plus stands for all three pieces. Additional pieces may be purchased separately, contact seller after purchase to choose with house and if extras are needed.

Product is custom cut once order is placed. Production time is approximately 1 week.

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